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My name is Tania De Andrade, I'm Portuguese and living in Switzerland.
I'm a trained/certified veterinary technician and work in a veterinary clinic for pets. Meanwhile I also train other apprentices.

Since I was a child one of my passions is drawing - mainly in "manga-style" (if you want to see more, you're welcome to visit my homepage www.fynnia.com). A few years ago I started blogging and of course I love to style myself, hehe. So, accordingly to this, I've got a weakness for fashion and everything related with it.
Music is also an important factor in my life and a big valve for and in a lot of situations. It helps me dreaming. I love dancing and cause I can't play any instruments, what lefts is my voice.

My "Big Love" is my cat Charlie (also called "Pitchui", haha), who was a present for my birthday when I was a child. He's the best on the world! .. or was.. Almost two years without Charlie, in May 2015 came an new one to my life: JiJi - who's actually called "Gucci".
Besides my obvious love for cats I've got an other absolute-infatuation and pure fascination: orcas (killer whales). I wrote a blog entry about it - unfortunately by now in German only...
The ultimate "aww-effect" comes with sugar gliders and chinchillas! Oh, and sloths are so cool, haha!
Regarding my free time: i love chilling, being with my family and friends and workout! No pain no gain! I like to play Playstation and I'm a huge Nintendo-fan (Mario & co. are unbeatable!).
Generally I deal a lot with computer and internet and I'm definitely a liiiittle "nerdy".. (I played "Ragnarok Online" for a few years and for my opinion it's the best online game! And I also love WOW!); My illustrations are mostly made on my computer (or at least for the final version), I read a lot of blogs, watch videos on Youtube (meanwhile i found my passion for making my own Youtube videos!) and of course check sundry social networks and platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc..
I love reading and writing. I guess, that's also a reason for blogging. Further I love to write/invent stories, as simple texts and also as manga projects. I'm a big dreamer and live it.

My top-favorite series are "Gossip Girl", "How I Met Your Mother", "The Big Bang Theory" and "Game of Thrones". These are the series I never get sick of. I can watch them all the time and in "marathon sessions" (but there are lots more..! haha. The list just would be too long). Cause of my love for mangas I also love watching animes, hehe.
My fashion idols/icons are the actress Blake Lively and Camila Coelho, a blogger which I follow since her beginning at Youtube. Oh, or if I had the wardrobe of "Serena van der Woodsen" (Blake's role on "Gossip Girl") it would be a dream come true and I'd be the happiest on earth, haha!
And as we are talking about inspiring people: my fitness-"girl crushes"/-examples are Michelle Lewin (Facebook || Instagram) and Alice Matos (Facebook || Instagram). I feel so motivated by them and all the work and time they are investing in their awesome bodies are so praiseworthy.

Hm, so, what else could I tell you about me.. I'm a huuuge "Simon's Cat"-fan. No, really, I collect nearly everything, haha. When I see some merchandise stuff of Simon's Cat it is sooo hard for me to resist… ah and by the way "fan": I'm also a big fan of Formula 1! Team Vettel!!
I also am really addicted to the brand "Labellamafia". I have a huge collection of these clothes and it seems not to stop..! (And Alice Matos as founder and owner of Labellamafia doesn't make it easier to resist, haha..).
I'm a iPhone 6-user. And iPod. And MacBook Pro.. I like Apple… xD'
I love designing clothes. Meanwhile I have lots of sketches which I could "transfer" to materials.. hm. Ah, and I'm a proud owner of the Canon EOS 600D! I love photographing (and also standing in front of the lens). And one of the "freaky dreams" I had since childhood was being actress, haha.

I guess this site is to be continued.. but for the beginning it's acceptable how it is now. Everything else you can (or could…) read in my blog! I'm planing to translate it to English, too. Maybe..